When you need a guy who sounds like a guy, I’m your guy.

No one’s ever said to me, “Wow! You have a great voice…you should be on the radio!” And that’s exactly the point. My everyman sound is what’s allowed me to be the voice of more than 15,000 commercials, thousands of corporate and e-learning projects, a bunch of radio stations, and even a few TV networks over the last 25+ years.

People come to me for all the energy and honesty of an actual human, with none of the artificiality and smarminess of traditional announcers.



I’m as dedicated to your project as you are.



More than 15,000 projects completed.



I’m always happy to be a part of your team.

All-natural voiceover. 100% guaranteed, always.

  • With me, a lot of what you’ll get is about what you won’t hear. And that’s the plastic-y, artificial sound of over-modulated perfection. What you will hear is the texture of reality.
  • The honest, earnest sound of a real guy. Who people can relate to. And trust.
  • Warmly human. Perfectly authentic. Incredibly refreshing.
  • It’s modern voiceover for the real world.

Incredibly. . .

As easy and comfortable as a phone call with a friend. I’ll help you add a human voice to your marketing. The honest, earnest sound of a real guy who people can relate to. And trust.

“Doug is more than just a great, fresh, engaging voice. He also has great instincts. You can trust him to get the job done right every time.”

Maurizio Passariello, Link Advertising

If you want a talent with a big ego and little class, DO NOT hire Doug. He’s professional. He’s reliable. He’s automatic. He ‘gets it.’

Corey Dissin, Propulsion Media Labs

Doug’s talent is obvious. But Doug doesn’t just talk for a living, he listens. This ability in an industry full of ranters is rare.

Wayne Murray, Discovery Communications

Doug has an incredible talent for bringing the written word to life. His voice punches through the clutter of ordinary and invites you to listen.

John Miller, Hutton-Miller, LLC

Doug’s ability to identify and deliver the sound you’re looking for is second to none. Doug nails it every time.

Jake Redman, Sirius/XM

Doug’s a blast to work with, and his voice is like a really good bowl of chicken soup: warm, inviting, and always hits the spot.

Amy Levine, Sun-Sentinel

I’d love to learn more about your project.